About this feature

Each jurisdiction manages the definition of "close contact" differently. Some jurisdictions have it clearly and explicitly defined, some defer to federal definitions, and some prefer not to have it defined at all. This feature supports all of these.

Usage notes

  • Works with generic health questionnaire (comprehensive, 5 questions) only. This questionnaire feature is where the close contact definition will be displayed.

  • Optional use case. By default, the close contact definition will not be applied. You add/update/remove it at any time.

Using this feature

  1. Head to your location overview page

  2. Click the "Edit location" button

  3. Find and expand the "Health details" tab

  4. Find and edit the "Set a custom close contact definition" section

  5. Hit the "Save" button

Turning this feature off. To disable the close contact definition feature simply follow the steps above and remove all of the text from the "Set a custom close contact definition" field and then hit the "Save" button.


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