We're thrilled to announce that as of today we have completed the acquisition of one of our peers in the check-in space - GuestCheck Australia. The team at GuestCheck Australia created a great product and is used by organisations across Australia.

Their technology focuses heavily on SMS-based check-in which is complementary to our expansion plans to provide a variety of integrated engagement mediums including QR codes, SMS, and NFC.

If you are an existing customer of GuestCheck Australia, please read the Customer Novation Notice below.

To find out more about COVID Comply, head to https://covidcomply.org

Customer Novation Notice

GuestCheck Australia is being acquired by COVID Comply (https://covidcomply.org), a leading contact tracing and workflow solutions provider also based in Melbourne, Australia.

COVID Comply is a well-established, trusted digital contact tracing and QR code provider that not only shares our values with regards to contact tracing data validity, but also meets our expectations from data security, privacy, and compliance perspective.

On 24 December 2020 (“Change Date”), the GuestCheck software and services will cease to be provided by GuestCheck Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 641 144 078) and will instead be provided by AllStartups Pty. Ltd. (ACN 608 863 396) t/a Covid Comply (“COVID Comply”).

What this means for you

On the Change Date, GuestCheck Australia Pty Ltd will cease to be the provider of the software, your current agreement with GuestCheck Australia (governed by the GuestCheck Australia Terms of Service) will be novated to COVID Comply, and appropriate amendments to our Terms of Service will be made to give effect to this. The provision of the GuestCheck Australia software will otherwise continue as usual.

FAQ: Can I still use my existing QR code/phone number?
Yes. You will not have to change your QR codes or phone numbers during this transition period.

FAQ: Will the cost to my business remain the same?
For customers where regular payments are being made, your existing financial arrangement will be transferred to COVID Comply and will continue as is.

FAQ: Does COVID Comply have equivalent data privacy/security commitments?
Yes. COVID Comply’s data privacy policies are available here, and cybersecurity standards are available here.


If you have any questions about this notice, then please contact [email protected] before the Change Date.

If you wish to opt out of the novation, then you will be taken to have elected to terminate the services on the Change Date. Otherwise, by continuing to use the GuestCheck software after the Change Date, you agree to the novation of the GuestCheck Terms of Service to Covid Comply.

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