About this feature

You can provide one or many phone numbers and/or emails to receive a variety of notification types delivered instantly. Available notifications include:

  • Red notices. When red notices are enabled, receive an instant SMS/Email with the checkin details.
  • Auto-expiry. When a checkin automatically expires (and it hasn't been check out) yet, receive an instant SMS/Email with checkin details.
  • New checkin. Every time a new checkin is created, receive an instant SMS/Email with checkin details.
  • Capacity alerts. When your venue reaches or exceeds its maximum capacity, receive an instant SMS/Email with the checkin details.

Usage notes

  • Red notices. To receive notifications attached to red notices, you will also to enable the red notices separately.
  • Separate with commas. Write all emails and phone numbers separated by commas in order to deliver multiple notifications.
  • Australian phone numbers only. Currently, the notification engine only supports Australian phone numbers. Contact us for access to this feature in other countries.
  • SMS pricing. Emails are cheap to send and so they are free. SMS costs us a fixed price SMS and so we pass this cost on to you at $0.12 (ex. GST) per SMS,

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button
  2. Expand the "Notifications" tab
  3. Find the desired notification section
  4. Enter the email address or mobile number you want to be notified
  5. Hit "Save"
  • Red Notices. Capturing and storing checkin attempts that meet failing criteria (postcode, health questionnaire, temperature) with instant notifications.
  • Automatically expire checkins. Set a time period of time after which checkins will automatically expire, inform the person checkin of location-based time limitations.
  • New checkin. Receive email notification alerts in real-time as new people checking to a location with checkin summary details attached
  • Capacity alerts. Manage venue/location capacity/quotas by configuring a maximum number of people/patrons to enter the location at any one time.


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