About this feature

Enable capacity management tracking for your location with a notice on available capacity shown to people using the check-in screen that is updated in real-time as people check-in and checkout, and the ability to override the current tally if needed.

Usage notes

  • Requires a checkout data capture feature. This feature relies on data captured by enabling the capture checkout data feature.
  • Manual override. If someone forgets to checkout and the tally becomes incorrect, it can be updated/overridden in location settings at any time.
  • Set reset hours. Optionally pick an hour each day to automatically reset the check-in tally each day. Use a single 24 hour digital (e.g. 6 pm would be "18").
  • Multiple emails addresses/phone numbers. Provide multiple contact methods separated by commas to deliver the notifications to multiple inboxes/devices.

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button
  2. Expand the "Checkout / Capacity" tab
  3. Set the "Maximum checkin capacity" field
  4. (optional) set the daily checking tally reset hour
  5. (optional) set the email alert email addresses

Disable the feature

Remove the value in the "Maximum checkin capacity" field and hit "Save". This will turn off the capacity management feature entirely.

Override the current checking tally

Change the value of the "Checkin tally manual override" field and hit "Save". This will instantly update the current checking tally for everyone from this point on.

  • Strictly enforce capacity limit. When using the capacity management feature, you have the option to loosely or strictly enforce capacity limit.
  • Capture checkout data. Ask people who have to checked in to also checkout when leaving the location and track the checkout time and total duration of visit.
  • Automatically expire checkins. Set a time period of time after which checkins will automatically expire, inform the person checkin of location-based time limitations.
  • SMS/Email notifications. Instantly receive automated notifications via email and/or SMS for a variety of notification types.


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